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JEMS Introduction

JEMS is the Japanese Education Media System Development Group at Nagoya University. At JEMS, we develop Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) materials and e-learning materials for Japanese language education.

In recent years, e-learning has become a reality, due to the remarkable development of the internet and Information Communications Technology (ICT). It is an effective and efficient method of education which can be used anywhere and anytime.

JEMS was established in 1999 with the aims of creating a global Japanese language education system and developing multimedia study materials for use over the internet. Over the years these goals have evolved and at present we are focussing on the following three points:

  1. continuing to promote the use of the materials by developin g high quality materials which match the learners needs, while at the same time evaluating and improving the existing materials.

  2. providing an environment where learners can study independently, by developing an e-learning system which records the students' study history and gives feedback.

  3. developing more efficient on-line materials by strengthening links within the unversity and cooperating with other organizations.

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